10 simple steps to convert static HTML site to WordPress

wordpress is the best open-source CMS to manage the site regularly. But remember to update your wordpress theme files to reduce security threats like the recent SQL injection hacking in

Here's an easy way to convert static HTML page to your wordpress. Follow these instructions step by step and you're done.

Suppose we have 3 static pages, index.html, about.html products.html and move and want to> WordPress. Minus the number of static pages that require less effort to convert.

1) Install WordPress in the root of this domain.

2) as soon index.html copy of the WP Theme (the theme you are using), and rename the folders home.php. WordPress will automatically use the home.php page. You do not have to worry about broken links or redirects.

3) Release the permalink to their default settings. This will prevent, Problems with existing pages.

4) Copy the content and create a page called about.html on

5) Copy the file content and make pages with the same name. If your site other than the name of the track, you can permalink to match the file name (not html).

6) After the data is copied, and you have the look you want, change the permalink to /% post name%. Html

7) pages (no POST) on the extension of HTML that you need an application> WordPress Plugins and applies only to the structure of the post permalink. Recommended HTML Extension Plugin -> Hero WordPress

8) Install this Plugin at first for the pages.

Remove 9) the old static pages, I suggest you take if you have a problem, but you must move out by the roots.

10) Copy the contents of that file to your index.html home page, and delete the file home.php. Typically, this is the index.php file inthe subject, but you can use a static page, depending on the configuration of the site. You can change these settings in WP.

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